Ultimate Hand Wrap System

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The Ultimate Wraps System provides an unprecedented level of protection round after round. Radius Wraps the only combat sports product to be tested in a University Sports Science lab with the results published in a peer reviewed, academic journal.


Radius Ultimate Wraps are used by many elite mixed martial arts fighters and professional boxers daily - if you're looking for maximum hand and wrist protection while striking and sparring, look no further, these are the wraps for you. For an unbiased Radius Wraps review click here. 



  • Sparring, bag work, technical training, hand injury recovery.



  • Two (1) pair of Radius Wraps 180" 
  • One (1) pair of Ultimate Rolls



1 Review

Lubos 14th May 2019

Ultimate Hand Wrap System

I have bought these wraps & rolls as an additional protection of my knuckles (I have hurt them some months ago and the pain is still quite limiting during my boxing sessions). It actually works very well - no pain anymore, so I can clearly recommend this product.

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