Do you wrap your hands?

If you train in combat sports like boxing or mma, do you wrap your hands before training? Chances are you've been using the same style wraps that have been used for 50 years.

Five years ago, I was working with a well-known mixed martial arts fighter who developed a severe boxer’s knuckle. For anyone practicing boxing, muay thai, kick boxing or mixed martial arts, it's not uncommon to throw thousands of strikes per week. Repeated blows to the knuckle can result in a tear of the extensor tendon in your hand. As a result, the tissues that help hold the tendon in place and surround the knuckle joint also become damaged. It can become so painful that a light tap on the knuckle will make a professional fighter jump.



For over a year, this debilitating injury affected his workouts - from technical mma and boxing training to sparring. It made grappling more difficult and added to the daily pressures each professional athlete endures. Figuring our how to wrap hands for kickboxing was impossible. Padding his hand with traditional hand wraps, gauze, tape and even a sponge—provided inadequate protection and no relief. There are few things more frustrating to a fighter than not being able to punch. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't find anything to help.

A Breakthrough Solution in Hand Protection for Combat Sports

Several years later, UFC fighter Patrick Cummins found himself suffering from the same problem. His giant, swollen knuckle prevented him from hitting focus pads and made mma and boxing sparring a painful, frustrating experience. Every punch was met with excruciating hand pain. But this time I came across a solution that gave him some much-needed protection and relief. A cut man showed us a style of wrapping that had been popular in the 60s and 70s, where the gauze is placed below the knuckle instead of over it. This approach reduces impact forces on the knuckle and decreases stress on the hand and wrist. My goal was to improve on that concept so we could put these injuries behind us.

After testing over 20 variations of this hand wrap with different materials - gel, foam, fabric as well as different shapes and technique applications, I knew we were on to something big. One version of the hand wrap allowed us to punch the granite counters in my kitchen with no hand pain whatsoever. There was only one sample pair, and Cummins used them every day in practice and washed them each night. With this success, I made more prototypes and had several current and former professional fighters with a history of hand problems test them out. They too were able to punch without pain in their hands. 

The next step was to test our design with peer-reviewed academic research study to find out why this method worked so well. We teamed up with Dr. Andy Galpin at the Center for Sport Performance at Cal State Fullerton, and he and his team got to work. They learned two important aspects of our innovative hand wraps design:

1.  Impact forces to the hand and wrist are dramatically reduced with Radius Wraps
. - 29%

2.  Radius Wraps reduce the impact of strikes to the person being hit.

The results of this study were published in late 2015 in the International Journal of Kinesiology and Sport Science. To date, Radius Wraps are the only combat sports hand protection that have gone through the rigors of academic testing.

Article (PDF Available)in theInternational Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Science  3(4):22-30 · November 2015


Radius Wraps for Amateurs and Pro's

In truth, we didn't need a clinical study to know our wraps worked better than anything else available. It doesn't take long to learn to wrap your hands - wrap your hands with Radius Wraps and throw one punch - you'll be convinced too. This is exactly what we did in real-world scenarios with over 20 UFC fighters, five professional boxers and four elite coaches. After filing a patent I started a company: Radius Wraps. We experimented with hand wrap gloves and looked for the best way to wrap a hand. The surprise was when we found out that there was less force delivered to the target when a subject was wearing Radius Wraps. The dangers of head trauma are well documented - anything to lighten this load is an important advancement in protection for mixed martial arts fighters, boxers and muay thai fighters.

Today, you can buy a range of our hand wraps featuring our proven design and experience the difference for yourself. Radius Wraps protect your hands while put your all into every training session. Now you can train smarter, not just harder.

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Keep in touch and let us know about your personal experience with Radius Wraps and the Ultimate Weight Cut Guide. I’ve told you my story and would love to hear yours.  

Ryan Parsons

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