Hand wraps for boxing, mma, kickboxing and muay thai are the first step in preventing hand injuries. Boxing hand wraps have not changed in decades and often don't prevent injuries sustained during boxing or mma training. The best hand wraps should help boxing or mma gloves reduce impact forces while delivering functional hand protection, giving you the freedom to focus on technique without worrying about hand pain.

Learn to use Radius Wraps with our hand wrap instructional videos. Experiment and discover what works best of you.

Radius 4x hand wrap technique

The Radius 4X Wrap provides maximum stability by wrapping through the fingers and crisscrossing the back of the hand while still maintaining a functional grip.

This style of hand wrap is ideal for bag work and sparring with 16 oz gloves.

Radius 3x wrap technique

The Radius 3X Wrap is a great option for mma hand wraps. Wrapping around the fingers three times uses less fabric across the palm while improving overall grip. Less fabric across the palm make this a great hand wrap for smaller gloves.