Radius Strike Series - Daniel Woirin

Daniel Woirin has coached a whose who is MMA - from Anderson Silva to Dan Henderson, Woirin has been a part of some of the biggest fights in UFC history. He has experience coaching in Europe, Brazil and the US and has been the striking coach for Team Quest and Black House.

What is the ideal length of time for a training camp for MMA?

It's between 6 and 8 weeks but the fighter need to be on shape (routine training).

How many days a week should you spar?

2 days a week. One hard sparring MMA (BIG GLOVES) and one situation sparring (Stand up).

What is the ideal number of rounds to spar in a single workout?

The ideal sparring it’s the same number of round you fight.

Is it important to spar with 100% power?

Yes, because in MMA you fight every three or four months if you lucky, it’s not like the Muay Thai in Thailand or you fight every 2 weeks. 100 % spar its closer the real fight (adrenaline, conditioning etc..) but you need to do the same time and the same round you fight.

How many days a week should someone hit pads?

The ideal in group its 2 time a week, the best its one on one with your coach 2 times a week.

How important is heavy bag work?

Yes for training full power.

What’s the best way to condition your shins?

The best way to condition your shins is to kick the bag.

How long before a fight do you stop hard sparring?

You use to stop one week before the fight

How important is it for a MMA fighter to spar and hit pads with MMA gloves?

Yes is very important training with you MMA gloves for the feeling for all specialty (bjj, wrestling, etc…)

What is the most overlooked aspect of striking for MMA?

The elbow, I see a lot fighter made a mistake during the clinch and nobody use the elbow. This technique is very effective and easy to learn, it’s important during the training use it (with elbow protection) and after is easy to use in fight.

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