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I was pretty naive about hand wraps before I used Radius Wraps. I have had problems with my hands for a long time and always worried after having multiple breaks. Now that I use Radius Wraps I am worry free. I am even able to hit pads with my mma gloves and I feel no pain. I will never use anything other than Radius Wraps.

Daniel Cormier
2 X Olympian, UFC Light Heavyweight Contender

For the past 20 years I've seen every type of hand injury that can happen. Radius Wraps are the first wraps that really protect your hands. They've made a big difference in my gym - from beginner students to my fighters in the UFC.

Rafael Cordeiro
MMA Coach of the Year, Kings MMA

Radius Wraps are easy to use and offer much more protection than any of the other wraps available.

Heath Sims
US Olympian, Head Coach Evolve Fight Team - Singapore

I have to use two wraps to get the necessary coverage over my knuckles and now with ‘Radius Wraps’ I get a complete full wrap in one. I feel like I punch harder with these things on! Great stuff!

Melchor Menor
Muay Thai World Champion

I had hand problems my entire career. The first time I used Radius Wraps I had zero hand pain when hitting the heavy bag.

Danny Perez
NABF, USBA, WBO World Champion

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