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Sports Psychology with Dr. Lenny Wiersma

Mental preparation is the single most neglected aspect of training. It's the only skill in combat sports that can be applied to ever aspect of your life and is something we all must continue to develop if we're committed to success. I had the chance…
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Radius Strike Series - Daniel Woirin

Daniel Woirin has coached a whose who is MMA - from Anderson Silva to Dan Henderson, Woirin has been a part of some of the biggest fights in UFC history. He has experience coaching in Europe, Brazil and the US and has been the striking coach for Team…
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Radius Strike Series - Melchor Menor

In this series we explore 10 essential training questions with world renowned coaches and athletes. Melchor Menor (aka “Coach Mel”) is a former two-time international Muay Thai champion. He has trained WBC Muay Thai Champions, K-1 fighters, Prid…
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